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Mantequilla Imperial

Imperial Butter

Since 1920, Imperial butter has been satisfying the most discerning palates. In order to keep offering the extraordinary aroma, taste, and texture that make our products different, we keep faithful to our butter master experience and knowledge, combined with the use of modern technology.

Imperial product range is made up of various formats adapted to different consumer needs, among them:

250 gr. can

250 g Can.(salted / unsalted)

500 gr. can

500 gr. Can(salted / unsalted)

2000 gr. can

2000 gr. Can(salted / unsalted)

250 gr. roll

250 gr. Roll(salted / unsalted)

500 gr. block

500 gr. Block(salted / unsalted)

1000 gr. block

1000 gr. Block(unsalted)

2000 gr. block

2000 gr. Block(salted / unsalted)

· IMPERIAL 5000 gr. BLOCK <span>UNSALTED</span>

5000 gr. Block(unsalted)