The Butter

How to produce

The traditional butter-making process has been improved with the use of new systems ensuring the quality of the product. Butter is the result of separating the cream from the cow's milk. Once we get the cream, it is pasteurized, matured and then ready for the churning process during which the buttermilk is separated from the fat globules that finally form solid butter.

This process gives an homogeneous solid consistency to the butter, that is why the real butter is not so easy to spread as others.

Other ingredients can be added to the butter to enhance flavour, such as salt, honey, species,ů


Butter has to be stored in a cold and dry place. Even if the can is the best container to preserve products at room temperature, we always recommend storing the product in the refrigerator. The airtight seal of our butter can ensure a longer product life and consistency.

The real butter

The real butter has a solid and homogenous consistency and it is difficult to spread when refrigerated. It has a slight hazelnut taste and pale yellow colour, more or less intense, depending on the process and cow's feed.